Felice Facile

Discovering an easy way


Try to follow what you or other people say during one day. Most likely you will notice that we often say “difficult”, “problem”, “hard”, “it’s not easy”…  Does it really have to be that way?

Felice facile (“happy easy” in Italian) is about looking at the ways to live the life in a more easy and balanced way. What makes you feel alive, inspired, happy and at ease?

This blog is thought as a source of inspiration for everyone and a track of the progress for myself.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Felice facile,
    i like your blogg..its really very interesting..and give a source of inspiration…
    i agree with you,,and i often say HARD , I CANT.. or sometimes very HARD
    I expected to find more here about how to do happy easy the way to find a balanced life..


  2. Hi! Cool to see your interest! As I don’t have all the answers yet I will be sharing what I’ve learned and noticed along the way. When I hit a bumpy place on the road and let my steam of the first response out, I take a chance to explore the case and extract some “hows” for the future and a more pleasant drive. Stay tuned!

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