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The power of a word

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Last year, as a part of the NeIMG_0780w Year celebration I chose a word for 2014. I wanted the upcoming year to have a special theme. Blossoming was the word. So was the year.

An amazing trip and a learning adventure that seemed impossible became a reality. In a gentle and natural way, I have got a job that I really wanted and that allows me expressing what I think is important. I’ve met wonderful people and shared moments of true connection that I never thought were possible. And much more – a beautiful bouquet of things to be proud of and be excited about!

First though, I needed to pay attention to what wanted to blossom, when and at what pace. In nature, the flower knows and follows its own script. For some people, it is not so obvious and at times obscured. We think that we know how things work. If you get good grades – you can get a good education, if you get a good education IMG_0781– you can get a good job, if you get a good job – you will do just fine and be happy. Then it turns out that there is no guarantee. That is why it helps to pay attention to what’s going on inside. I am glad I did.

As I look around I see different stages of blossoming. The richness and fullness of azalea delights and draws my attention, while a delicate orchid bud brings joyful anticipation of the unfolding flower. I am glad that this has been my experience this year.

I haven’t chosen my next year’s word yet. I have a couple in mind, and will be trying them on during these days.

I am curious what your word will be?


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