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What whip cream and arguments have in common

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During a course of the modern enlightened everyday life (stay positive, eat healthy, exercise, and so on), it can happen that you slip back to some things that may taste good but are not really good for you.detail-whipped-cream

Lately I have discovered two “slips back” that make me feel NOT good. It’s interesting that two very distance things, such as arguments and whip cream, produce the same effect in my emotional and physical state.

I guess it is clearer with the whip cream – that is lots of sugar and fat. Yam-yam! Anticipation of eating this sweet gentleness with raspberries felt good. Eating it – felt good indeed. A few moments after – still enjoying and circulating the thought: perhaps, some more?!… A turning point was when it didn’t feel good at all. I felt that an annoying sensation and feeling tired were following me. It just felt dull.. So it did, on two other occasions. Now I see the point that my body was making.

Arguments then. The same aftertaste of dullness and tiredness. But it is not about my digestion. Or may be it is a little?

When you are engaged in the argument, you do have to digest what the other person is saying, and it is difficult when you don’t agree. However, you even may feel good during the process as something makes you wanna stay engaged in the discussion (I guess, the whip cream in this case is called adrenalin). And I am even not talking about huge arguments with far-reaching consequences. In my case, both times it started when I just peacefully wanted to share my point of view. One was about me arguing for that loaded discussions are bad and arguing is pointless:-)

I like going back to my favourite question: What do I want? What do I want to achieve by this particular action? If I’d have remembered that I wanted to feel good as much as possible, I’d stop on just sharing what I thought and appreciated what the other person was saying, without trying to convince anyone about anything.

I will try to remember it next time.


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