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Today is the last day of this year. To view back on the results you harvested and make New Year resolutions might seem like a common place. But I like it.

It was an interesting year for me. An unusual one. A year of change. Even though not so much really changed on the material plane, I stand now as a different person with new believes and modes of operation.

There are three things that were groundbreaking.

First, I allowed myself to slow down. Slow down planning, doing, running, worrying. In spite of all the pressure from the outside, all shoulds and shouldn’ts. This freed the space and time to feel and notice.

Second, I really took some time to inquire what I really want and don’t want in all the areas of life (which you might have guessed if you read my previous posts). This process of refining and distilling lead to the situation where I find myself doing (almost) nothing that I don’t want. It is a gift to be able to do what you want. It just magically turns any resistance off.

Third, I learned the importance and practical application of changing a perspective. Yesterday I told a friend about one issue that I’ve been recently wrestling with. When he came up with a possible explanation, I said, “it’s not that”, and confronted this with a logical sequence of “because”.  However, later on I got the clue, it was like a light bulb  – changing a perspective. Earlier that day my son and I went out to watch a movie. When I found out that it was going to be a 3D film and we had to put special glasses on, I changed the tickets to another (“normal”) movie. I thought that it would be rather uncomfortable and that it would be too much of a movie experience. I just didn’t want to change my perspective. Now I see that it could be fun. Changing a perspective on your problem can be really fascinating – it is like Sherlock Holmes who collects one clue after another.

I am really looking forward to the next year because everything that is in the bud form today is going to blossom from tomorrow. According to the Chinese calendar, the year 2014 will be a year of the horse (and we Russians really respect and believe this Chinese calendar). The horse is believed to bring a kind and dynamic year.

May it bring you the luxury of doing what you really want and fresh perspectives on the old stuff. Then health and happiness will come along. Happy 2014 Year!!!


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