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Merry Christmas! It is a perfect peaceful morning for us…

I went to the city a few days ago. Shopping bags of all sizes, sparkling lights and happy colors all around. Crowds of people participate in the Christmas shopping movement (some already look exhausted). It is a good sign. It means that people care about each other and are in the holiday mood. It is a tradition, or perhaps even an instinct to hunt for Christmas presents.

A (bit critical) thought passes by. What is driving us to do that: a habit to exchange things or heartfelt wishes? Is it really possible to put enough love and care in choosing each present if we have to prepare so many?

December 24th. A mountain of beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree does look exciting. It can’t be too many, can it? I watch the children opening the first present. How cool! Wow! Sparkles in the eyes! So happy! “Thank you” comes after the second gift. After the third one, it looks more like an opening-presents factory.

I guess it can be too many and too much – if excitement and appreciation decrease in proportion to the amount of presents. Excitement and appreciation are a gift in themselves. Please make sure that you receive it as well. Even a wrap paper and a card deserve looking at because already here we can notice how appreciation grows. Are there really material things that we are looking forward to receive or a kind thought, care and love behind them? Perhaps both.

In a couple of the Christmas sms that I received yesterday I noticed a few words that I really liked. They fit me in a special way. So I went back and read them again. And again. I really noticed how good it felt to receive something tailored specially for you, even if it is just one word.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if abreast with the Christmas shopping movement there were a tradition or an instinct to focus more on the special words that we can give to each other? I am glad that the holiday season offers this opportunity to all of us. May you feel special today!


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