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I did feel very supported today. By life. You just walk, and the light turns green at every intersection.

Although the day didn’t start at green. We woke up late and didn’t make it on time to the daycare  – my son’s group already left to the theater. We decided to go ourselves and catch the group, even if I’d be late to work. Hurry up!.. However, the bus didn’t come. It was too long to wait for the next one… Then my son changed his mind and didn’t want to go and see a play anymore. I felt how the resistance was spreading all over me. We went back home, got clothes for playing outside and headed towards daycare again. On the way we changed our mind and went to the bus stop again. But what if we’d be late now?…

The only way to stop turning into an unhappy stone was to accept that my original plan had already been changed and no matter how it goes it’s not a big deal. Sounds easy? Perhaps. But can be quite challenging for the one who has always been a queen of the plan.

Anyway, we got on the bus waving with winter pants like a flag. The ride was rather quick. We made it to the theatre just on time. Now what? Rush to work, catch up! After a couple of steps I unexpectedly decided to change my route completely and swung to a local office to get a paper that I needed. And this is when all lights started turning green. Literally! At every intersection – and there were perhaps 10 of them! Got the paper without waiting. Didn’t have to wait for the train either. Got to work smoothly… Even when I learned that an important paper wasn’t on its way to where it was supposed to be going it didn’t occur to me to freak out. People were just so willing to help. And the paper found its destination even in spite of a “no”.

It seems that I’ve solved an important equation today  – don’t know exactly what equation and how it was solved – but it is there.

To the green lights!


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