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Practicing an “I WANT-inquiry”

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How to know what I WANT…

Try to do a simple exercise. Think about what would you do if you’d have all the resources that you need. You wouldn’t do anything, would you? Perhaps for some time:-) Note if you knew the answer right away or it took some time? Did you notice any “have to” or “need to” coming in the way?

Once I felt a bit stressed because of not knowing what to do first. I let myself play with a thought: “ok, even if there are plenty of things that are waiting to be taken care of today – you can do anything you want; what do you wanna do?” I started thinking what do I wanted to do. Organize the house… no, this activity belongs to a “need to do” category… Read a book?.. What book?… Not really… Watch TV?.. Ush… Oh, my… I don’t know what I WANT to do? Please help!

Interestingly enough, we were never asked or taught to practice asking ourselves what we really want. Either in general or right at the moment. To the contrary  – we were instructed to do what we should and what rules say. Sounds vaguely familiar?!

I don’t mean that we have to get wild with our wishes and harm others. However, let’s allow our children and ourselves a healthy inquiry in what we really want and what makes us happy.

I believe that the opportunities and time to make life easier will arrive, if we take just a couple of minutes every day to inquire:

  • what would I love to do in general, in my family life or at work?
  • what would I enjoy doing today?

Have you tried it?


One thought on “Practicing an “I WANT-inquiry”

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