Felice Facile

Discovering an easy way

Italian treasures


Someone may wonder why I use Italian words in my blog.

Italian inspires me. I love how it sounds and the energy of it.

I am living in a student flat and in order to keep my contract I have to continue studying at the university. When I went through the list of the available courses I was negotiating with myself what to choose: something useful or something not very useful. Statistics or Italian? Ok, I did apply for a basic Italian course before the deadline in October last year.  In December I saw a movie “Eat, Pray, Love” on the shelf at the grocery store. I got this movie. Loved it. And guess what: the main character Liz Gilbert is fascinated by the Italian language and goes to Italy to feel the taste of life.

There is something in it…

There are many words that I like. I like them because of what they mean. In Italian you feel what they mean.

Felicita – happiness

Scoprire – discover

Salute – health

Valore – value

Gentile – kind

Semplice – simple

Gelato – ice-cream

What words do you like and in what languages?


2 thoughts on “Italian treasures

  1. For some reason I LOVE Czech word “blbost” – try to guess what it means? 🙂 It somehow just sounds exactly what it means for me. It means “stupidity, rubbish, silly thing, balderdash” (глупость, ерунда, вздор). This word comes to me anytime I want to say something like “This is just silly!” I sometimes end up saying “This is just blbost!” 😀

  2. It seems tricky to pronounce it – blbost. You get a bit stuck in the very beginning:-) Funny, but I wasn’t expecting something like “silly/rubbish” from you:-))

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