Felice Facile

Discovering an easy way

Why am I doing this?

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Last year my life was changed when I accidentally picked a book from the shelf at the doctor’s waiting room… It happened to be the right book in the right time. Things started to change. Since then I have been reading, searching, researching, applying, giving up and getting inspired again, testing again, asking, writing, listening, feeling. This is how it looks in the material world.


You see that it keeps accumulating. As the information (=wisdom) can’t just be stored inside or in the notebooks it was looking for the way out. It wanted to be shared.  Therefore, I have been trying to impose my teachings on my family, friends and colleagues. Let’s admit, not always without skepticism was it accepted:-)

Here I will try to share my discoveries and questions in a more polite way  – those who want are welcome to read and discuss. It will be of a great value for me. Hope, for someone else as well.


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